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Membership Plans

Special Pricing Now Available!

Special Pricing Now Available!

20% Down Payment: $9,600
Accessories: $1,000
Other: $500

Total Initial Capital: $11,900


$395 Monthly Dues!

Taxes: $0
Insurance: $0
Maintenance: $0
Storage: $0

$295 Monthly Dues!

Taxes: $0
Insurance: $0
Maintenance: $0
Storage: $0

Interest: $2,600
Taxes: $1,000
Insurance: $1,200
Maintenance: $1,500
Wet Slip: $2,800 
Depreciation: $,4,800
Total Annual Costs: $13,900

We offer unlimited use of a high-end fleet at one-third the cost of boat ownership!

We have a variety of membership programs available.  Please call us so that we can better understand your boating interests and suggest a program that best meets your need.  Ask about our Buddy and Corporate memberships!

In order to properly maintain a boat in clean and safe operating conditions, 1 to 2 hours per outing should be spent on covering/uncovering, cleaning and maintenance.  Additionally, a boat should be serviced every season by a qualified service technician.

Boat owners who trailer their boat will spend 2.5 to 3 hours per outing preparing the boat, launching, loading and stowing the boat.

Please Note: Prices above do not include gas. Members are responsible for actual gas used.

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